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Missed me lately? Well, I have been busy doing this and now this. You can find me regularly over here.

Why I love Google....

I sit at my desk all day browsing the computer... except when I am painting... but I don't paint as often as I should be...

You ask me exactly what I do. Well, here's a list of 10 websites I visit everyday like a maniac...

  1. Gmail - I check my inbox for what sounds like a thousand times everyday. But somehow the total number of non-spam emails I receive everyday is less than 5. Life is totally hard on me!
  2. Blogger
  3. Google Adsense - Yes, I check everyday to make sure that I still haven't made a cent...
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Picasa Webalbums (I use Picasa software to organise my photos)
  6. Youtube
  7. Google - Some umpteen searches of "this" and "that". Some day I'll take a snapshot of my searches to share with you.... Only if you promise not to laugh!
  8. All updated blogs I have subscribed to.
  9. Wetcanvas - My favourite art forum.
  10. Illustration Friday and Photo Friday - To exhibit work and to check for updates...

Except for points 8, 9 and 10, I use my google account all over. Now don't you see why I love google so much?

I just can't live without it. Go! Google!

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid by Google for writing this

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I have fallen in love, once again!

I've done it again. I have fallen in love at first sight!

I just can't seem to control myself whenever I see something sooooo HOT!! OOOHHHHHHHH!!

We decided that we'll buy it after a couple of months... Or when I sell one of my paintings.. whichever is earlier!

And the last time we decided so was when we wanted a camcorder. We went to the shop, enquired everything and decided that we should buy it after 3 months, to keep budget, just if you are wondering...

But we bought it a week later because we were going to Thailand for a mini-break... What a horror would it be to go to Thailand without a camcorder!!!!

I'm counting the days now... Who knows when my luck will come knocking at the door?

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Super clean houses, shiny computers, but STILL I whine!

Our weekend was pretty much the usual busy thing... Unlike the previous weekend, we didn't have a lazy day celebration. Rather we had a 'home improvement' saturday.

We cleaned everything (almost). The floor was so clean, smooth and shiny that I could see my face reflected in it. I cleaned my laptop using Colin for the first time since we bought it, thats about an year!
Our new food processor works great. Yesterday I cooked a really big meal. Hubby was so happy and said that it is exactly like the good old days'.

And finally we purchased some gifts for our 2 year old nephew because we will be going to India in 2 months. Yes, we are well planned!

But I whine because my mondays hate me! Early this morning, when we were still in bed, I got a call from China!

No, I don't know anyone from China. I don't know Chinese, neither have I been to China!

I didn't even know it was from China. Because the caller wasn't waiting for me to pickup the call. There were some 15 missed calls... 15 calls that didn't even wait for me to pickup. What would you feel if it happened to you while you are asleep?

dring... cut. dring... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... PICKUP!

Yes, I waited like a fishing cat with the phone in my hand and caused that anonymous caller an international call charge.

I woke up shortly after and started packing hubby's lunch. House was dark as if it were only 4 am. Period. Remember, it's monday morning...

And then the rain started. Heavily. And even more. Hubby left, I cleaned the vessels and still it's raining. My nose if letting out as much water as the rain....

Yes, I told you already! My mondays hate me!!!

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Wondering what others call my house as?

Today we were cleaning the vessels in the kitchen sink. Through the windows, we noticed the people walking in the parking lot and started making guesses as to which house they belonged to (we know nobody in our neighbourhood).

See, this man carries a suitcase and looks new around here. He must be a newbie.
This lady, oh, she belongs to the "army house*"
The other lady, she must belong to that "yahoo house**"

We have names to all houses around.
Like, our house next door is the "fat boy house".

The next-next door is the "TV house" because their TV is never switched OFF (You gotta believe this because hubby and I have the weirdest habits and you can see us outside at 1 am in the morning (or night) or even 6 am in the morning. ) We have a nice view of their TV from our house and so this took our attention even before the fact that they have 2 (or 3?) cute doggies...

The next-next-next door... Huh I dunno... Because I have never seen them or their door open!!

*Army house is where we once noticed army clothes being dried in the line

**Yahoo house is where once a towel was drying with "yahoo!" inscribed in it

So it happened to us that even others might have noticed us the way we do. Even others might have names made for our house right?

I wonder what others call my house as....

  1. The house that has that crazy woman who always sings in a loud noise. ......so loud that it's anything but pleasant!
  2. Or a crazy couple who always discuss or argue in a notably loud voice that sounds like they are fighting (sounds like huh?)
  3. Or the woman who walks around in her pyjamas all day!
  4. Or the couple who entitles us to a free kissing show every morning at 9
  5. AND the couple who think that they are smart enough to kiss only behind their closed "main door"!!!
  6. AND the couple who don't even know that the other side of their "main door" is clearly visible through the kitchen windows.
  7. TV? No you can't name me after my TV because I have nice curtains all time and nobody can say what's cooking on my TV. Or even whether or not it's cooking at all!

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Overused cameras, poor photos and life's surprises...

Recently, I have been obsessed with my still camera, sometimes even the camcorder. I carry them around all the time.

Last week we were to visit a friend. I grabbed my camera just before we left and tried to stuff it in my bag before hubby finds (like all men, he wants to stop me from carrying 'crap' in my bag).

I said "We never know what surprises life presents us. We have to be ready to capture them when they are presented!"

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo till the end of the day. But how can I not take atleast one when I had carried the camera around all day? So this happened on our way back in a taxi!!!


And quite a lot similar to the below!

And this one when we brought our new 'baby' home!

Waiting for taxi

May be your hands will shake when they are tired of taking photos!!!

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Bug alert: Spammers (Update)

(An update to my previous post)
Whatever did I do to get these emails.....

On another note, recently I have been getting emails which show the sender's name as "me". Do they ever think I have as much short memory to forget sending mails to myself?

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About Me

Here's an ever-growing list of my likes and dislikes...

I love

  1. Ice cream... I can survive on only icecreams for 4 days....
  2. Tigers - just to watch on TV and within cages
  3. Watching a favourite movie for the umpteenth time (For details, read the other points)
  4. Talking, and forcing others listen to me
  5. Gone with the wind
  6. Swimming
  7. Being in water, in general. Taking bath? No, not necessarily!
  8. Chocolates. Even bitter ones upto 70% bitterness
  9. Watching aeroplanes. They always leave me excited...
  10. The Sound of Music
  11. Cakes. Not only eating but also baking.
  12. Skies full of starsclouds....
  13. Raindrops on roseseverything.....
  14. Whiskers on kittens (No, not really)
  15. Painting (on canvas)
  16. Oprah
  17. Smells of most toxic fuels like Petrol and Turpentine (to which I'm allergic of)
  18. Laughing till my stomach aches ( I'll do anything for this... Even watching stupid movies like Hotshots)
  19. Having kids (I wish I had 4 children. Well, I'm not even a mother yet)
  20. Junk food, including KFC and McDonald's
  21. Pepsi
  22. The moments I fall sleep when hubby tries to wake me up!
  23. Talking babytalks to hubby (coz we do not have a child)
  24. Freebies (which I do not seem to get as often as others)
  25. Taking photos
  26. To be 50 years old (so that I can count my wrinkles and relate them to experience)
  27. Bride Barbie (I bought one when I was 23. Shortly after, I got married)
  28. Cycling and hiking and sweating one full day at a stretch and not feeling tired at all.
  29. Listening to singers above 60 years old singing their 'century old' (nearly) hit songs
  30. Getting mails in my inbox
  31. Beach
  32. Children's toys :-) (for the child in me)
  33. Scaring neighbours away with my singing
  34. Myself because there are more things I love than I hate
  35. Rain
  36. And the sound of rain drops...
  37. Rooms lit by sunshine
  38. The night vision I get after 45 minutes of switching off the light.
  39. Shopping on SALE!
  40. Hairstyles with bangs in little children.
  41. Dew drops
  42. Flower beds
  43. Piece of chocolate which delivers a few surprise drops of Cognac
I hate:
  1. Cooking
  2. Snakes. Poisonous or not, water or land, dead or live. I hate them. More than I fear!
  3. Brinjals
  4. Most Vegetables
  5. Alcohol (Not now :-)
  6. Low cost airlines
  7. Cigarette smoke. I prefer to walk the other way around if someone smokes walking in front of me.
  8. Maggots in my kitchen sink ;-) (Disclaimer: By this point I don't declare that there were maggots in my poorly cleaned kitchen sink. And that I started cleaning religiously after that incident)
  9. Being sick. Especially throwing up, which I do about twice a year!
  10. Sports - to play and most often, to watch.
  11. Dieting
  12. Any reptiles
  13. Sharks! Because I'm scared to death even while seeing on TV!
  14. Pain. Of any kind...
  15. People cornering me with truth that I know but prefer not to admit
  16. Exercise
  17. Animal smell, even animals that I love
  18. Contolling the urge to sing while in the presence of others
  19. Putting ginger-garlic paste in hot oil pan (which is important for most indian and chinese food. But it pops violently)
  20. Forgetting food left over the stove
  21. Skinny models who are named hot and sexy these days
  22. Cleaning (Not anymore. I love cleaning now-a-days)
  23. Falling down from the terrace that is more than 12 feet from ground when I was 11 (I didn't break any bones, but it hurt a lot)
  24. Receiving junk-junk mail
  25. Bothering to make such long lists that probably no one will read!
  26. Mosquito bites
  27. Any bites

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Oops, I was bitten by a snake

We were watching this TV show where a little girl lied that she was bitten by a snake. She gave the doctors a difficult time before they found the truth. Children are like that.
I have been through this. Actually, I never talked about this to anyone. Why, infact, I never accepted it myself!

I was in seventh grade and our teacher was asking questions to the girls. I couldn't answer the question that day and there were not many girls along with me. I felt so bad, so scared and upset about the possible spanking.

And then it happened suddenly. As if by magic, involuntarily, to save me from the punishment.
I couldn't breath. I mean it.
I suddenly had trouble breathing. It never happened to me in the past (and wouldn't happen again atleast until I'm 25).

My sister who was studying in the same school took me home and I was taken to the doctor who, after a couple of tests declared that I was fine. I came home normal just to erase the entire thing from my memory.

After seeing the snake bite program, I remembered. Now, it's all clear. I lied, I still don't understand whether I did it on purpose or my subconcious did it. But I lied to escape from the spanking. I don't know if my mother knows.

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Last night, we brought our new baby home!

Dear baby,

We brought you home last night. We were all so excited. Hubby and I kept touching you all the way home. And we stayed up so late settling you in your new place. We found a great place in our home for you to sleep and play.

You were happy too. You cackled with joy (Even though I haven't had you before, I think I can say cackling and whining apart!!!).

I dreamed of you last night and for sometime, I was deprived of sleep just thinking about you.

Every morning when I woke up, I used to think "Oh my God! How am I gonna make it through this day?"

But now, I'm happy to wake up and face my day. You have made me a better home maker. You have brought new lifestyle for me.

You are my sunshine. I look much better with you.

When I talked about how hubby and I always chose junk food to home made healthy food, people used to say that we will change when we have a baby.
Now I know. They were right. How can everyone be wrong?

Now that you are here, we have brought healthy food (vegetables) into our house and diet.

To me, you are like a dream come true! You have come to make things better for me. Faster and easier...

Thanks to you.

Welcome home, our new, little........

Food processor....

A new addition to my kitchen counter...

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Does a butterfly eat butter? If it takes only honey, why is it called so?

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3 cheers to Dove

Dove is creating a revolution. It seems to be changing the idea of beauty. We all are a bit misguided by the skinny models who are called beauties these days... A few months back, they brought up a campaign for real beauty featuring "real women" with real curves....

Recently, they are back with a Proage campaign. Featured are really old women with wrinkles and stretch marks. It was pleasantly surprising to see women aged 50+ posing nude..

Yes. Posing nude. But it conveys the meaning. Beauties-with-wrinkles-and-stretch marks.

Dove is really upto it. Creating awareness of real beauty. Even when you are 65 years old!

Bottom line is, "This is what real beauty is. So be proud."
I feel it. Now, wrinkles do not mean aging. But they mean EXPERIENCE. Beauty is counted by the number of wrinkles you have not and the ones you masked!

Things are justified. I'm happy about my grand parents now... And my own parents who have already started to look like aged!! They are looking right their age. They are beautiful!
Why should I worry?

Here's the link for that wonderful campaign!!!

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Today I learnt!

Today I learnt that it's probably not a good idea to drink coke while listening to your favourite song and simultaneously dancing!!!

I'm still choking :-(

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Ms. Teen USA '07 - South Carolina in news

I hadn't seen this clip until Jenn mentioned it in her blog. It is hilarious and I thought I should share it too!!!
Ms. Teen USA '07 - South Carolina answered her question.... The question was "About 5% of Americans can't locate the U.S. in a world map. What do you think?"
Here's what the poor child answered...

"Help the U.S., help South Africa and the Asian countries"... What was that?

But she appeared on National Television after this excellent answer on her defence... Here's the youtube clip!

The kid was bold enough and says "I made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes and here I am!"
She also said that when that question was asked, she was shocked and overwhelmedand probably heard only 2 words or so. Says she misunderstood the question!

On another note, this girl finally made it into the top 4 in Ms. Teen USA '07 contest!!!

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I Cook!

I do cook. Why do you ask?

....atleast for the sake of taking photographs!!!

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Waterski Video


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Breaking my head

I'm breaking my head over the new template... By the way, you noticed some change in my look right?

If you do not hear from me till tomorrow, it means that my head is already broken. Please do miss me :-)

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See, I was faster than the media....

I was right when I said about the rain today. According to records, the rainfall hit 143mm today, that is about 80% of what Singapore gets in a whole month.

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Why do they call a restroom so?

Daringyoungmom has this new post in her blog. While reading this, I remembered a particular discussion I found in a company's employee forum long back.

A person with obviously no other work: "Why is a restroom called so?"

Another such person: "You can work at your office desk; You can eat at your desk; You can drink at your desk; You can chat at your desk; You can read at your desk; You can even sleep at the your desk. You can do MOST of the important things at your desk.
The REST, which you cannot do at your desk is done at the 'RESTROOM'. Hence the name."

Now this must have answered many of you!

In my personal experience, I have seen a restroom (in an office building) which had a sofa. Yes, there was a sofa in all the restrooms. I'm not sure about the male rest rooms though :-)
I guess that was what they had intended while naming it a restroom: To Put sofas there so that people can really REST there while taking short breaks from office work!
The term sounded so decent especially in office circles and may be everyone adapted the word rather than say "toilet" publicly.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

A few days back I posted a photo in my other blog saying "Rain, rain, please don't go". I guess the rain heard me.

Here's the weather forecast for my city!And it looks like all of the scattered T-storm clouds are concentrated above my house. It started at 9.30 this morning and is still going on.
Why, it has been like this since the past week... And another week full of this?


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