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About Me

Here's an ever-growing list of my likes and dislikes...

I love

  1. Ice cream... I can survive on only icecreams for 4 days....
  2. Tigers - just to watch on TV and within cages
  3. Watching a favourite movie for the umpteenth time (For details, read the other points)
  4. Talking, and forcing others listen to me
  5. Gone with the wind
  6. Swimming
  7. Being in water, in general. Taking bath? No, not necessarily!
  8. Chocolates. Even bitter ones upto 70% bitterness
  9. Watching aeroplanes. They always leave me excited...
  10. The Sound of Music
  11. Cakes. Not only eating but also baking.
  12. Skies full of starsclouds....
  13. Raindrops on roseseverything.....
  14. Whiskers on kittens (No, not really)
  15. Painting (on canvas)
  16. Oprah
  17. Smells of most toxic fuels like Petrol and Turpentine (to which I'm allergic of)
  18. Laughing till my stomach aches ( I'll do anything for this... Even watching stupid movies like Hotshots)
  19. Having kids (I wish I had 4 children. Well, I'm not even a mother yet)
  20. Junk food, including KFC and McDonald's
  21. Pepsi
  22. The moments I fall sleep when hubby tries to wake me up!
  23. Talking babytalks to hubby (coz we do not have a child)
  24. Freebies (which I do not seem to get as often as others)
  25. Taking photos
  26. To be 50 years old (so that I can count my wrinkles and relate them to experience)
  27. Bride Barbie (I bought one when I was 23. Shortly after, I got married)
  28. Cycling and hiking and sweating one full day at a stretch and not feeling tired at all.
  29. Listening to singers above 60 years old singing their 'century old' (nearly) hit songs
  30. Getting mails in my inbox
  31. Beach
  32. Children's toys :-) (for the child in me)
  33. Scaring neighbours away with my singing
  34. Myself because there are more things I love than I hate
  35. Rain
  36. And the sound of rain drops...
  37. Rooms lit by sunshine
  38. The night vision I get after 45 minutes of switching off the light.
  39. Shopping on SALE!
  40. Hairstyles with bangs in little children.
  41. Dew drops
  42. Flower beds
  43. Piece of chocolate which delivers a few surprise drops of Cognac
I hate:
  1. Cooking
  2. Snakes. Poisonous or not, water or land, dead or live. I hate them. More than I fear!
  3. Brinjals
  4. Most Vegetables
  5. Alcohol (Not now :-)
  6. Low cost airlines
  7. Cigarette smoke. I prefer to walk the other way around if someone smokes walking in front of me.
  8. Maggots in my kitchen sink ;-) (Disclaimer: By this point I don't declare that there were maggots in my poorly cleaned kitchen sink. And that I started cleaning religiously after that incident)
  9. Being sick. Especially throwing up, which I do about twice a year!
  10. Sports - to play and most often, to watch.
  11. Dieting
  12. Any reptiles
  13. Sharks! Because I'm scared to death even while seeing on TV!
  14. Pain. Of any kind...
  15. People cornering me with truth that I know but prefer not to admit
  16. Exercise
  17. Animal smell, even animals that I love
  18. Contolling the urge to sing while in the presence of others
  19. Putting ginger-garlic paste in hot oil pan (which is important for most indian and chinese food. But it pops violently)
  20. Forgetting food left over the stove
  21. Skinny models who are named hot and sexy these days
  22. Cleaning (Not anymore. I love cleaning now-a-days)
  23. Falling down from the terrace that is more than 12 feet from ground when I was 11 (I didn't break any bones, but it hurt a lot)
  24. Receiving junk-junk mail
  25. Bothering to make such long lists that probably no one will read!
  26. Mosquito bites
  27. Any bites

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Rosie said... September 6, 2007 at 12:00 PM  

I like chocolate, rain and laughing too! This is a neat list! I have some lists like this on my blog, too. My friends and I pass them around. I like ice cream too. My favorite is mint chocolate chip. I eat some every weekend, if I can. I agree about not liking any bites, too!

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