Hey! I'm over here....

Missed me lately? Well, I have been busy doing this and now this. You can find me regularly over here.

Super clean houses, shiny computers, but STILL I whine!

Our weekend was pretty much the usual busy thing... Unlike the previous weekend, we didn't have a lazy day celebration. Rather we had a 'home improvement' saturday.

We cleaned everything (almost). The floor was so clean, smooth and shiny that I could see my face reflected in it. I cleaned my laptop using Colin for the first time since we bought it, thats about an year!
Our new food processor works great. Yesterday I cooked a really big meal. Hubby was so happy and said that it is exactly like the good old days'.

And finally we purchased some gifts for our 2 year old nephew because we will be going to India in 2 months. Yes, we are well planned!

But I whine because my mondays hate me! Early this morning, when we were still in bed, I got a call from China!

No, I don't know anyone from China. I don't know Chinese, neither have I been to China!

I didn't even know it was from China. Because the caller wasn't waiting for me to pickup the call. There were some 15 missed calls... 15 calls that didn't even wait for me to pickup. What would you feel if it happened to you while you are asleep?

dring... cut. dring... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... cut. dri... PICKUP!

Yes, I waited like a fishing cat with the phone in my hand and caused that anonymous caller an international call charge.

I woke up shortly after and started packing hubby's lunch. House was dark as if it were only 4 am. Period. Remember, it's monday morning...

And then the rain started. Heavily. And even more. Hubby left, I cleaned the vessels and still it's raining. My nose if letting out as much water as the rain....

Yes, I told you already! My mondays hate me!!!

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Sajithra said... September 11, 2007 at 4:10 PM  

whatz happening da ;-) cleaning up...cooking .

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