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Wondering what others call my house as?

Today we were cleaning the vessels in the kitchen sink. Through the windows, we noticed the people walking in the parking lot and started making guesses as to which house they belonged to (we know nobody in our neighbourhood).

See, this man carries a suitcase and looks new around here. He must be a newbie.
This lady, oh, she belongs to the "army house*"
The other lady, she must belong to that "yahoo house**"

We have names to all houses around.
Like, our house next door is the "fat boy house".

The next-next door is the "TV house" because their TV is never switched OFF (You gotta believe this because hubby and I have the weirdest habits and you can see us outside at 1 am in the morning (or night) or even 6 am in the morning. ) We have a nice view of their TV from our house and so this took our attention even before the fact that they have 2 (or 3?) cute doggies...

The next-next-next door... Huh I dunno... Because I have never seen them or their door open!!

*Army house is where we once noticed army clothes being dried in the line

**Yahoo house is where once a towel was drying with "yahoo!" inscribed in it

So it happened to us that even others might have noticed us the way we do. Even others might have names made for our house right?

I wonder what others call my house as....

  1. The house that has that crazy woman who always sings in a loud noise. ......so loud that it's anything but pleasant!
  2. Or a crazy couple who always discuss or argue in a notably loud voice that sounds like they are fighting (sounds like huh?)
  3. Or the woman who walks around in her pyjamas all day!
  4. Or the couple who entitles us to a free kissing show every morning at 9
  5. AND the couple who think that they are smart enough to kiss only behind their closed "main door"!!!
  6. AND the couple who don't even know that the other side of their "main door" is clearly visible through the kitchen windows.
  7. TV? No you can't name me after my TV because I have nice curtains all time and nobody can say what's cooking on my TV. Or even whether or not it's cooking at all!

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